Business Model Tools for Data Privacy and Economic Development

Within our project researchers from Know-Center in cooperation with TU-Delft developed a toolset to support Data-driven Business Model innovation with special attention to privacy preserving technologies. The toolset consists of three tools and is publicly available on the well-known Business Model Innovation Platform Thanks to InnoValor (operator of businessmakeover platform) for a great collaboration.

Check out the tools, use them and get your Data-driven business started.

Safe-DEED Data Map


The Safe-DEED Data Map helps you to identify possible data sources that can be utilised to develop new data-driven services. To facilitate and structure the search for possible data sources, we have divided the data map into four quadrants. With the help of the descriptions and examples, you can either create a general data inventory or search for specific data for a future data service.


Safe-DEED Data Service Cards


The Safe-DEED Data Service Cards help you to enhance or develop new data-based services through the systematic combination of data sources, analysis methods, customer benefits and revenue opportunities. Use the 50 cards as inspiration in the development process of data-driven innovations. As an extension, you can use the Data Service Cards in combination with the Safe-DEED Data Driven Business Canvas.


Safe-DEED Data-Driven Business Canvas


The Safe-DEED Data Driven Business Canvas helps you to develop a data-driven service innovation. The five main sections of the canvas support you to structure and concretise a data-driven use case idea including first financial considerations. The provided descriptions and examples facilitate the work in interdisciplinary teams on future data-driven services.