The Objectives

WP2 quantifies and demonstrates the economic value for users and buyers organizations of the developed privacy preserving technologies. Therefore, we will develop new multi-actor business models for privacy enhancing and data valuation technologies as well as a decision-support tool for designing and testing business models.


Work tasks

In WP2 we will construct and validate incentive models for the adoption of privacy and confidentiality preserving technologies. It will generate these models from a multi-actor perspective, including users’ perspective as well as the perspective of organizations, which have to procure privacy and computer security preserving technologies.
First, we will explore the space spanned between existing threats to the confidentiality and privacy of user data and the actual data assets users wish to see protected. By following a user-centric approach, we ensure that we do not taint the asset analysis with presuppositions of underlying needs of organizations, and instead focus on a utilitarian perspective contributing privacy enhancements for the good of end-users. Subsequently we will add additional actors to the models, e.g. companies and other third parties to explore the practical incentive situation to identify a model that facilitates an ideal outcome for all involved parties.
The model will be validated in two operational use-cases (see WP6 and WP7). For this use cases we will design business models. These business models will make clear how data owners can enhance the value they create and capture thanks to the technologies developed.
The case-specific business models will be developed into generic business model designs, which will form the basis for a tool made available for free to entrepreneurs.


See the general description of the project and all partners here.