The Objectives

This WP focuses on the design and implementation of the Big Data Valuation component used to predict knowledge value of a certain corpus of a structured data without, however, having to completely analyze it. The data valuation method is being tested in two contexts: data from use-cases (manufacturing and telecom) and open data. This WP is closely linked to the WP5 dedicated to the data security and privacy. All the developments done in this WP are under the umbrella of the security protocols and data anonymization procedures



Work tasks

In WP4 we are collecting input on the type of potential data customers through interview with stakeholders. We are crafting the requirements for the data valuation component. We are also architecting a design for the component including the choice of technological stack, and finally we are developing context-unaware valuation and context-aware valuation algorithms that will go into making the valuation tool and Implement the building blocks of the Big Data Valuation component using Docker Containers.


See the general description of the project and all partners here.