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The availability of data sources (internal, external, existing, and new) and advances in privacy-preserving technologies (e.g. anonymization, multi-party computation) and artificial intelligence opens up massive business opportunities.  It enables companies to develop new data-driven products, services and business models. In order to generate concrete added value from data, the knowledge of how a data-driven service is developed must be built up in the company. A lack of structured value proposition design and a limited understanding of customer needs are challenges in developing data-driven services. Another challenge is the necessary collaboration of different disciplines e.g. data scientists, domain experts and business people. So far few tools are available which facilitate the creativity and co-creation process amongst teams with different backgrounds in the development process of data-driven business models. Therefore we have set ourselves the goal in WP2 to develop or adapt methods and tools that support the development of Data-Driven Business Models.

The Safe-DEED Data Service Cards help you to enhance or develop new data-based services through the systematic combination of data sources, analysis methods, customer benefits and revenue opportunities. Use the 50 cards as inspiration in the development process of data-driven innovations. As an extension, you can use the Data Service Cards in combination with the Safe-DEED Data Driven Business Canvas.

Check out the Data Service Cards here for free.