On April 2nd, 2019 Alessandro Bruni from KU Leuven represented the Safe-DEED project at the Workshop Towards Value-Centric Big Data: Connect People, Processes and Technology in Brussels, Belgium.

In his talk “Safe-DEED: addressing multilevel challenges for a sustainable deployment of interoperable platforms” Alessandro Bruni pointed out that the Safe-DEED project intends to be the first project to develop and evaluate business models for privacy preserving technologies, enabling data marketplaces and data sharing between organizations. The project addresses specific challenges by focusing on two complementary aspects of the problems that are hampering the growth of the data economy:

  1. The technology: by providing a new state-of-the-art for concrete problems such as that of private set intersection, vitally needed for different data providers to interact confidently and successfully in a market; and
  2. The business: by developing and testing innovative business models as well as the effects of past, current, and future regulations, as threats and incentives for data enterprises.

The mission of Safe-DEED is to provide a set of tools to facilitate the assessment of data value, thus incentivizing data owners to make use of the cryptographic protocols to create value for their companies and their clients and to contribute in promotion of legal and ethical values in data markets, by developing a course module aimed at computer engineers, data scientists, and economists. This will ensure a normative foundation for tomorrow’s data market developers and managers.

The expected impacts at the end of the project are therefore:

  • Personal data protection is improved, and compliance with the Data Protection Framework, Ethical principles (and other relevant legislation) is made easier for economic operators
  • Citizens’ trust is enhanced as privacy-aware transparency and control features are increasingly streamlined across data platforms and Big Data applications.
  • Better value-creation from personal and proprietary/industrial data.
  • An 20% annual increase in volume of business channeled through the platforms
  • The confidence of citizens towards Big Data technologies and data markets.

Presentation_SafeDEED_Workshop Towards Value-Centric Big Data_Connect People, Processes and Technology