Following the initial phase personal data trials, the Safe-DEED consortium provided requirements on the next phase towards the application and demonstrator implementers. In addition, since the privacy legislation and regulatory requirements analysis progressed, requirements were extended roles and permission. Such requirements were used for the specification of the subsequent demonstrator.

This version of the demonstrator aims at accommodating various business scenarios for GDPR compliant yet business efficient data exchange i.e.

  • between different departments of an enterprise
  • between different enterprises and
  • between the enterprise and external data analysts of data buyers

Demonstrator applications

In this demonstrator version advancement was made in both the MPC application which is currently fully functional and the demonstrator GUI which included among others improved user interface, GDPR compliant roles, contemporary usage navigation techniques and applications related information.

Roles selection according to GDPR

Joint data usage within corporate environments using MPC/PSI implementation within Safe-DEED

Various business cases and respective applications are supported by the demonstrator when a company needs to provide data to external entities e.g. to an external consultant for analysis or decides to valuate the data prior to providing them to a data marketplace.

Joint data usage between different enterprises in different domains applications

In all cases Safe-DEED produced concrete algorithms and user friendly applications in order to assess the de-anonymisation risk analysis of the anonymised data that aim to be given to external entities as a means to safeguard such actions versus de-anonymisation attempts.

De-anonymisation risk analysis trials results

Aggregated data de-anonymisation risk analysis trials results

In addition, data valuation algorithms we implemented in order to provide robust indication to the data owner on the value that the dataset will have when put on the market.

Datasets valuation application